A good winter balaclava used as a ski helmet comforter will protect your face from harsh weather conditions. The name came from the times of the Crimean War – this is how the freezing British called their knitted caps-masks, after the name of the settlement where they were first sewn. Everyone liked the thing and gradually spread both among the military all over the world and among athletes, tourists and climbers. Buying a winter balaclava is a great idea if you have to deal with frost, and you are going to ski or rush on a snowboard. It protects from headwinds, creates a feeling of comfort and covers the face from snow and the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. The development of technology has not spared this piece of clothing, so now balaclavas can be of any cut and a huge amount of various materials are made. The most common masks are made of merino wool and synthetics. Especially for winter frosts and skiing, there are balaclavas made of a variety of fleece fabrics, from the thin Pontetorto Technostertch to the very warm Polartec Classic. Moreover, manufacturers calculated the need to resist wetting and block headwinds, so that many modern balaclavas have inserts made of membrane fabrics.


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