A ski mask or snowboard mask is part of the must-have equipment for skiers or snowboarders that protects the eyes from bright sun, strong winds or snow and ice. Quality masks have a lens made of impact-resistant material based on polycarbonate with a polarized coating. At the moment, masks are produced with arc and spherical lenses. Spherical pictures are considered the best.

In this case, the review of the vertical profile may be a little interesting, which is much cheaper to manufacture, and accordingly the cost of ski goggles drops noticeably. The lens is inserted into a frame made of impact-resistant material. It should be comfortable to answer all questions. Who knows that you have finished skating if you are not thinking about the track, but about the mask pressing in the bridge of your nose. Whereas the sun must be powerful, protect the eyes. Moreover, the constant “light” of the eyes by sunlight can provoke serious vision problems. Also protective masks against fogging. The mask can fog up so that it is not worth neglecting it.

Every person who is going to ski or snowboard should definitely buy ski goggles, this is not just a convenient accessory, but also an important protective element of winter activity equipment. So, the mask is protective not only from snow, but also from harmful UVA, UVB rays of the sun: we receive UVA in any climatic and weather conditions, when the sun is also connected to UVB from 10 to 4 pm (UVC rays do not bring us). The harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation in bright sun, plus the reflection of snow should not be underestimated.


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